At ANR we can make the tooling you require.  You then have the option to pay for and keep your tool, or to leave it with us for subsequent work. Alternatively, you can bring existing tools to us to spin from. 


Where we are

ANR General Metal Spinners is situated on the outskirts of London in Belvedere, KENT. 



What we do

Our metal spinners have decades of experience in the trade... supplying industries from  jewellery and musical instrument making to catering, as well as antique restoration, and the air movement industry, to name just a few.  We enjoy this diversity  - and pride ourselves on our flexibility. 


We enjoy meeting the challenges that our customers bring, creating prototypes from their designs (which may be on the back of an envelope or created using the latest technology.)


Equally, though, we are capable of handling large orders involving bulk quantities - and we prioritize not only high quality craftsmanship no matter what quantity we are producing, but also a prompt and punctual service.


Copper, Brass & Aliminuem are our top three materials AnR use for their products

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